Litchfield waterfalls and swimming spots

Litchfield National Park is known for its impressive waterfalls and natural swimming spots that visitors should see while visiting it.

Litchfield National Park



Florence Falls in Litchfield is a popular attraction known for its twin cascades. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the rockery, rock climbing, and relaxing in the cool water.

Visitors to Florence can easily access the spring-fed falls by taking different paths, including a walk from the campground and stairs from the central car park. Additionally, a lookout near the car park offers magnificent views, although it can sometimes be crowded.


Another popular spot in Litchfield National Park is Wangi Falls. The pool at the bottom of the waterfall is larger than Florence Falls and also features a spacious timber platform. A boardwalk runs along part of the water's edge, with a trail leading into the monsoon rainforest. For those seeking some physical activity, a path goes up the mountain, over the waterfall, and back down to the pool below. This walk requires some agility and fitness, but it is suitable for determined young children.

The grassy picnic area at the entry to the falls is a popular spot for relaxing, offering free wi-fi. Wangi Falls Cafe near the car park is a convenient option for those who prefer not to bring their own lunch.


Buley Rockhole is known for its accessibility and suitability for families, as it consists of a series of pools ranging in depth. The upper pools are shallow and safe for young children, while the lower holes are deeper and more suitable for teens. The clear freshwater is refreshing and provides a rejuvenating experience.


There are other waterholes in the area worth visiting for those looking to explore beyond the main attractions. Tolmer Falls, with its 100-metre drop, is considered one of the most spectacular in the park. Accessible by a sealed road and a 1.6-kilometre loop walk, visitors can enjoy the views from two platforms, although swimming is prohibited.


Tjaynera Falls (also known as Sandy Creek Falls) and Surprise Creek Falls are only accessible by 4WD. Tjaynera has a 3.4-kilometre trail surrounded by paperbarks and is drier than monsoon forest areas. It provides a quieter and secluded option for visitors. Surprise Creek Falls is also remote and requires crossing rivers.

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